LONDON, September 21, 2016

Lumeon a digital health company focused on Care Pathway Management (CPM), announced that Alliance Medical has deployed its platform across their entire network, allowing real-time visibility of patient journeys. With Lumeon, Alliance Medical has re-designed all of its dedicated care pathways to reduce resourcing costs in certain cases by up to 30 per cent and invoice validation by 93 per cent, whilst improving referral process times and delivering better engagement with patients and referrers.

Alliance Medical is Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services, providing services to 500,000 patients in the UK each year. As Alliance Medical’s customer base has grown, they manage an increasing number of diverse and complex set of patient journeys, according to the requirements of each healthcare provider, with a high number of varying contracts. As a result, the complexity of managing thousands of different pathways and billing algorithms made it challenging for Alliance Medical to deliver the quality of care it strives for without huge amounts of overhead and administrative costs.

Alliance Medical selected Lumeon to consolidate 14 disconnected systems, enabling the re-design of all of Alliance’s care pathways and automating many operational processes by using intelligent workflows that respond to real-time clinical and administrative information about each patient. Smart algorithms automatically generate suggested appointment times by “reading” patient referral and personal data, clinical history and using in-built protocols for effective resource utilisation. This not only eliminates reduced waiting times, but ensures that scanning machines have minimal unutilized time, and patients and commissioners are billed accurately. As a result, Alliance Medical reduced its invoice validation period from 7 hours per day to 30 minutes per day in one of the sites. Additionally, Alliance Medical’s ability to efficiently manage thousands of complex, labour intensive pathways resulted in it winning a major NHS contract to run all PET-CT scans in England.

“Lumeon’s pathway management platform is a game changer for us,” said Dr. Charles Niehaus, Alliance Medical’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our success is based on the quality of the service we provide to patients and our customers. By having a singular view of each patient journey, we can tailor services more efficiently, resulting in the best service for patients and better use of staff time. We have been looking for a system that meets our needs in this way for some time and Lumeon has transformed the way we deliver care for the NHS.”

Robbie Hughes, CEO, Lumeon, said, “Our platform is an ideal solution for organisations like Alliance Medical, who have multiple sites and are growing. By designing and automating care pathways that use real-time clinical and administrative data about each patient, organisations can deliver a personalised service from the first point of contact whilst eliminating variance in their process. This results in delivering measurably better outcomes at lower cost.”

About Lumeon

Lumeon is a digital health company that has defined the market for Care Pathway Management (CPM). From scheduling and revenue management to clinical reporting and aftercare, by looking across the end-to end care pathway, Lumeon addresses the system, and not just the symptom, behind healthcare transformation. Lumeon’s customers number among Europe’s fastest growing and most innovative healthcare providers including BUPA, Nuffield Health, Alliance Medical, HCA and Optegra. It is headquartered in London employing over 90 people.