Appnext Launches Appnext Timeline Technology

LONDON, February 28, 2017

Appnext, a leading mobile discovery platform, announced today the launch of Appnext Timeline – the next-gen user intelligence technology. Appnext Timeline is to challenge the industry status quo, altering the interruptive ad-tech narrative by focusing on real-life user context, relevance, and engagement as opposed to profiles and ad views. The new Appnext’s technology leverages location, real-time and historical behavioral patterns to understand the unique immediate context of a user and predict the action he/she is likely to take next.

The new technology recognizes over a 100 device signals and translates them into personalized user timelines, identifying the location (e.g. home, work, abroad), and dozens contextual moments the user is experiencing in real-time (waking up, listening to music, commuting to work, using public transportation and more).

In the past years, the ad-tech industry made an impressive progress in regards to user intelligence capabilities, enabling marketers to understand who their ideal users are (by demographics, geo, etc.). For example, a marketer behind a taxi app knows multiple parameters about different user segments. As a result, users are bombarded with ads that might be accurately targeted to their demographic profiles, but are close to irrelevant for the current moment throughout their day.

Appnext Timeline allows marketers to focus their user acquisition, re-engagement campaigns and budgets on the contextual moments that are likely to generate the most impact and engagement. Reaching a user with a promotion for a taxi app when he/she is about to leave the office, or traveling, enables marketers to focus on immediate engagement, while publishers can efficiently manage their premium inventory, maximizing user value and revenue for each ad impression.

Elad Natanson, Founder, and CEO, Appnext: “The mobile industry as we know it hasn’t stopped evolving. Phones have become smarter, apps better, but overall mobile experience has not. We bring Appnext Timeline to bridge the gap, enabling mobile publishers, app marketers and users alike to step into the new era, powered by real-life context, relevance, and ads that provide value, serve the users and their real-time needs. Appnext was founded out of the desire to deliver a better mobile experience. We are proud to introduce this revolutionary technology, helping over 650M users worldwide experience apps at the right moments throughout their day.”

About Appnext

Appnext is the leading mobile discovery platform, helping millions of users experience apps at the right moments throughout the day. Every day over 650M users worldwide are interacting with Appnext-powered app ads tailored to their preferences, daily habits, and unique real-life context.