Arcusys Announces Corporate Name Change to Valamis

LONDON, May 17, 2018

Arcusys – a global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development – announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Valamis.

“The interest of customers such as NASA Epic Challenge in our digital learning solution led us to trust that Valamis is our growth path,” says CEO of Valamis, former Arcusys, Jussi Hurskainen.

Valamis will offer its core product, Valamis – Learning Experience Platform, used in building customized corporate academies to upskill existing employees. Valamis also has a team of data scientists, designers, software developers, and business developers that all work together to develop a personalized and comprehensive corporate learning platform.

“The new name – Valamis – allows us to unify the company’s global operations under a set of common corporate values, goals, and commitments. We are changing the way corporate learning is delivered, managed, analyzed and acted upon, with the goal of increasing efficiency, and the speed at which a company needs to continuously pivot in this day and age,” says Hurskainen.

Combining learning data and business data

Valamis can track learning outcomes, as well as the impact learning has on business goals. Additionally, Valamis’ artificial intelligence feature drives the learner to develop the skills they are most in need of, resulting in fewer organizational skill gaps. The Valamis learning environment can tailor personal training that meets each individual’s employee’s needs.

“We have demonstrated that when you combine learning data with business data, you can deliver targeted learning that improves profitability. The success of more and more companies is based on expertise,” says Hurskainen.

The Valamis Learning Experience Platform is tailored to a great extent according to the unique needs of the customer, due to the various organizational needs

Big growth targets

Last year, Finland’s National Entrepreneur award-winning company earned approximately £10 million in net sales in the last fiscal year, an increase of more than 20 percent.

“We are opening new offices again this year to new countries, and are constantly hiring new staff,” says Hurskainen.

About Valamis

Valamis is a digital learning company specializing in workforce development. The company develops Valamis – Learning Experience Platform. Valamis’ customers are large organizations spanning across all industries, but predominantly in finance & insurance, complex manufacturing, and professional services. Headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, Valamis operates internationally with offices in the US, UK, Germany, and Russia.