LONDON, December 13, 2017

Brighter AB have selected the Arkessa eUICC solutions to support the global market launch of Actiste, a mobile health solution that simplifies insulin-treated diabetes by gathering and sharing personal health data between patient and healthcare professionals through a connected pocket-sized device.

Actiste will be marketed and sold as a service to both consumers and the healthcare sector across the globe. The flexibility offered by eUICC is critical to simplifying the go-to-market process and the customer experience by ensuring out-of-the-box connectivity, but also localising that connectivity.

The ability to secure and localise connectivity and personal data is a fundamental requirement for governments and consumers particularly in healthcare. For example, in Europe, the May 2018 deadline for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is edging ever closer. Under those regulations, organisations will need to document and report on where their data is, how it is collected, how it is stored, and who can access it, in transit and at rest. This is not unique to Europe of course.

By enabling organisations to control which mobile networks are used for data communications, the eUICC solution delivered via Arkessa’s multi-network MVNO platform will help underpin data sovereignty strategies as well as providing commercial and technical flexibility.

– We will take advantage of Arkessa’s MVNO capabilities, underpinned by Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform and Gemalto’s On Demand Connectivity (ODC) solution to build-in a global roaming profile for default and backup connectivity as a managed service layer over the local mobile network operators that Brighter may choose as local partners. What’s more, the remote management services around Gemalto’s eSIM will allow us to localise or customise the connectivity services according to local regulations, geographic and commercial requirements once in the field. The assurance this provides lets Brighter focus on what we do best which is mobile healthcare. says Henrik Norström, COO at Brighter.

– We are pleased that our strategic engagements with global/international OEM´s are leading to business agreements for our operator partners offering Connectivity Management as a Service. Our partnership with Brighter and leading telecom operators will enable an improved and more efficient healthcare sector benefitting both patients and society, in which individuals are empowered to better manage their health and wellbeing.”, says Jeff Travers, Head of IoT-Connectivity Management at Ericsson.

– Technology is revolutionizing the way we manage healthcare. It’s expected that there will be 50million connected healthcare devices by 2021, fueled by the mass adoption of the Internet of Things. Collecting, exchanging and storing data securely is a vital part of enabling patients to take control of their own medication and simplifies interaction with healthcare staff. Through Gemalto’s eSIM and ODC platform we are providing the most efficient solution enabling simple and reliable communication for the greater benefits of patients who will enjoy the best connectivity, says Benoit Jouffrey, Vice President of Connectivity and Embedded Solutions at Gemalto.