British Health Technology Company Expanding Into 10 European Countries

LONDON, December 18, 2017

Atlas Biomed, the personalized health tech company has today announced its successful launch in ten European countries, just six months after its UK launch.

The UK-based health technology company, the only company worldwide to offer both DNA and microbiome tests directly to consumers, pushed forward expansion plans after seeing strong sales in the UK. The company has been bolstered by growing interest in gut health from health-conscious consumers and an already booming global genomics market, valued at £8bn with average growth of 30%.

Today Atlas has launched in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands.

The move will see substantial growth for the organisation, which provides direct-to-consumer DNA and Microbiome tests with integrated analysis on a secure online platform. In the UK, where more than two-thirds of consumers opted for the Atlas Microbiome Test, the company has been inspired by the evolving demands of health-conscious consumers who are curious about their gut health, as well as the ever decreasing costs of DNA sequencing.

CEO and co-founder Sergey Musienko explained, “With health conscious consumers across the globe turning to tech for advice, we wanted to help. We could have shipped directly to these consumers, however we decided that the costs for these would have been incredibly prohibitive. So we have opened our doors to these markets in a bid to bring affordable DNA and Microbiome testing to millions more consumers across Europe and we are hopeful of continued European expansion through 2018.”

Musienko stated, “Ten percent of the global genomics market is based in the UK and we plan to manage all EMEA operations from our London HQ.”. He continued, “Scaling up at speed has always been part of our business plan. The fact that we’re managing to do this ahead of time is testament to the hard work of the team. We’ve seen phenomenal sales in these past four months which has made this move possible so quickly.”

Atlas Biomed’s expansion will provide millions of new consumers with access to the platform, enabling them to understand their health risks and show them how to improve their well-being with tailored recommendations for food, exercise and lifestyle.

About Atlas Biomed

Atlas Biomed combines DNA and microbiome technologies with digital health data to inspire people into positive lifestyle changes and lead them to a healthier future. Atlas released two tests into the UK this year; the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test. Both tests feed into the Atlas Health platform, which allows consumers to take control of their health through actionable, precise and personalised lifestyle recommendations. Alongside this, the team at Atlas Biomed is working together with the University of Edinburgh project on the biomarker development and potential.