The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and Reconnaissance International have today announced a new partnership to jointly organise a series of established and brand new events dedicated to the ATM and cash management markets and to innovation across self‐service and the cash cycle.

“This partnership is timely given that the worldwide ATM industry, under ATMIA’s guidance, is gearing up for its 50th anniversary celebrations in 2017 which will coincide with ATMIA’s 20th anniversary,” commented Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “I cannot think of a better partner with whom we would rather start this new era than Reconnaissance. Our combined energy and knowledge base will be great for the industry going forward.”

Some of the joint events are already popular and well‐respected annual fixtures on the industry calendar, such as ‘European ATMs’ and ‘ATM Security’, events traditionally held in London. The events, in future to be under the joint management of ATMIA and Reconnaissance, will be renamed ‘ATM & Cash Innovation’ to reflect the evolution of the market, the emergence of new technologies and the importance now attached to generating efficiencies in the entire cash cycle, of which ATMs are a key part.

The newly‐renamed flagship European event – ‘ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017’ ‐ will build on its long‐established success and bring together retail banks, independent ATM deployers, network processors, vendors, cash management and service providers at one event. ‘ATM Security Innovation’, meanwhile, will maintain its focus on fraud, security, effective new counter‐measures and international best practices. While one will continue to be held in London, the other will take place in future at different venues around Europe.

In addition, the series of ATMIA‐organized regional evens will continue, but also under the new brand name ‘ATM & Cash Innovation’. These will include Latin America, South Africa and Asia in 2017, and Canada, Australia and the Middle East in 2018. They will also build on a series of existing events, but will have a broader focus, as in Europe, on innovations across the entire cash cycle.

ATMIA European Executive Director, Ron Delnevo, welcomed the new relationship with Reconnaissance, saying “ATMIA is proud of the events that we have managed in the past, both independently and in association with the research firm RBR. Looking to the future, we are excited at the prospect of developing new conferences and bringing our knowledge and expertise to new audiences around the world – supported by the experience and dedication of the team at Reconnaissance.”

For Reconnaissance International, Chairman Martyn White commented: “The importance of the role that ATMs have played in ensuring that cash continues to have such a dominant position in the payments landscape today cannot be understated. New innovations are set to make cash even more accessible, cost effective and secure. The team at Reconnaissance has a long tradition of organising events and a similar longevity in the currency and cash arena. We’re delighted to be working with ATMIA on tailoring these events to meet the needs of the whole cash cycle, and supporting the necessary innovations and efficiencies within this sector.”

The first event to be organised as part of the new partnership will be ‘ATM & Cash Innovation Latin America’, which will take place in April 2017. It will be followed by ‘ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017’ in London, UK in June 2017 which will be something of a showstopper – celebrating as it will the 50th anniversary of the first ATMs, and also the 20th anniversary of ATMIA.


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