Category: Property auctions
Business profile: We offer clear and practical information for UK property owners who are considering selling residential or commercial property at auction. Auction is the first point of call for many highly profit driven organisations (e.g. banks and building societies) who are looking to achieve maximum sale prices.

More UK property owners are seeing the benefits of selling at auction, they include the possibility of a quicker, chain-free, transparent sale with the ability to set a minimum selling price. Demand from multiple buyers can help quickly drive up the price, especially when they’re all in the room together.

One of the main benefits with auction is that the property is available to the whole market. There are no hidden agendas, no tricks and no bluffs. If you’ve found it difficult to sell your property with an estate agent, maybe because your property is run down, not mortgageable or has a peculiarity that’s putting prospective buyers off, then auction can be a good alternative. Auctions are attended by all types of buyers including investors who are able to deal with any problems the property might have and novice diy’ers who are looking for a project.
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