LONDON, August 12, 2016

Belltown Power is pleased to announce that it has acquired Awel Newydd Cyf, the developer of Tirgwynt wind farm in mid-Wales, from RDC Partners.

Construction of the wind farm is now underway and it is due to be fully commissioned by the end of 2016. The wind farm will have 12 turbines with a total installed capacity of 24.6 MW, generating enough renewable electricity for the equivalent of over 13,000 typical homes.

The wind farm will also provide a community benefit fund of £49,000 a year for the lifetime of the project.

The Tirgwynt farmers who own the land where the wind farm stands have been integral in the development of the project. They have jointly funded its development with Awel Newydd Cyf and continue to be involved in its construction from both a commercial and implementation perspective.

Mike Kaplan, CEO, Belltown Power, said: “We are delighted with this latest wind project which has been developed jointly with a number of local farmers and will help sustain farming in mid-Wales. We are continuing to grow our renewable energy portfolio across three diverse technologies – wind, solar and hydro – and this latest acquisition brings the total number of Belltown sites to 20; with over 140 MW generating enough green power for more than 60,000 homes and helping to make a difference to climate change.”

About Belltown Power

Belltown Power is a leading manager of renewable energy investment platforms. Belltown was established in 2013 and has acquired, built and now operates a large portfolio of renewable energy assets across the UK.