LONDON, October 5, 2016

BinaryOnline, the recently launched broker, announces new and unique elements on its trading platform: two binary options social trading tools, available with no additional costs to all members, old and new. The tools are accessible through the BinaryOnline website, do not require any downloads, and are more straightforward and easy to use.

The first tool offered by BinaryOnline is an alternative option to manual trading, and could be considered automated. It permits traders to follow a particular leading trader for the desired amount of time, who in turn shows newcomers and interested traders alike how to trade. When a leading trader places a transaction, an identical trade will be opened for the member following them. The trade will include identical parameters, and should the trade succeed, both sides profit individually.

The main social trading option is available immediately upon login. Once their account is founded, members can instantly scan the leaderboard and follow the leading traders of their choice. The win rate, profits, number of copiers and open trades, are clearly displayed, allowing members to easily assess who they want to follow. More than one trader can be chosen from the leaderboard if the follower’s trading account holds enough capital to attribute to the trades.

The second tool offered by BinaryOnline is the second copy option. The second copy option is displayed next to the binary options trading platform. It constantly updates with winning trades hitting above 25 units. Here, traders will be able to see on which asset and using which trading tool somebody won a trade, and replicate the trade. What differs the automatic trading tool is that once a winning trade is spotted and clicked, it automatically sets filters on the trading platform. Traders will only be required to review their investment amount and approve the transaction. It can be repeated as many times as desired.

This is a unique opportunity to copy successful trades and lock profits in with minimum effort. Both social trading options are beginner-friendly and accessible to all BinaryOnline traders. Traders will not have to pay any additional fee to use any of the tools, provided they have a funded and verified trading account with BinaryOnline.

Social trading is the most sought after feature of the industry due to its simplistic yet reliable traits. The double treat offered by BinaryBook is definitely something worth relishing!

About BinaryOnline

Launched in 2016, BinaryOnline is a new broker and is determined to become a serious competitor to the other brokers in the industry. BinaryOnline offers an innovative trading journey to all its traders by making futurist tools available.