Breed Reply Announces Four Additional Investments

LONDON, October 11, 2016

Breed Reply Announces Four Additional Investments as the Result of Their Start-Up Search Programme

Breed Reply, Reply’s IoT investor, funding and supporting start-ups in the Internet of Things space, announces that a further four agreements have been signed with Callsign, Iotic Labs, Razorsecure and Senseye, bringing their portfolio to a total of fifteen.

​”We are delighted to announce the further growth and diversification of our dedicated Iot portfolio.” Said Emanuele Angelidis, CEO of Breed Reply.

With Razorsecure and Callsign, Breed Reply reaffirms its presence in the security arena, whilst Senseye moves them into prognosis as a service in the rapidly growing Industrial IoT. The fourth investment brings Breed to the forefront of the connected devices market with Iotic Labs – a framework to enable the interaction of things.

Callsign has built the most comprehensive authentication platform for enterprises, financial institutions and consumer facing web companies. Built upon a non-repudiable military grade Crypto Engine, Callsign’s layered security approach provides a set of services that are unparalleled in the market today.

​Iotic Labs have created Iotic Space, the trusted environment where anything can interact with anything. Data can be securely shared or exchanged, creating communities of unrelated things transforming services and enabling interventions and improvements that would not otherwise have been possible.

RazorSecure’s active monitoring software monitors systems continuously and alerts the instant that a system breach occurs. Combined with automated defenc​e system and a low cost, low maintenance approach, RazorSecure is the ideal solution for difficult to manage small scale/IoT systems in harsh environments.

Senseye PROGNOSYS by Senseye helps manufacturers avoid downtime and save money. It automatically monitors the condition of machines and predicts future breakdowns, it’s scalable, simple to use and able to work with any equipment.

On the Best in Breed 4 programme Emanuele Angelidis has commented: “The programme Best in Breed has enabled us to evaluate and invest from the beginning in a number of highly innovative businesses / companies. We have therefore just launched the fifth edition of Best in Breed from which I expect further substantial results.”

Breed Reply

Breed Reply, Reply’s advanced incubator, funds and supports the development of start-ups on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe and the USA. Based in London, with operational offices in Germany and Italy, Breed Reply supports entrepreneurs and young talent by quickly bringing new ideas to the market. This is done via three fundamental services: funding at “seed” and “early stage” level; considerable support with significant know how transfer of business, managerial and technological expertise; and, thanks to Reply’s ecosystem, medium-term involvement to establish start-ups in their market. In the IoT sector, the main areas Breed Reply focuses on are Fitness and Wellness, Healthcare, Smart home, Manufacturing, Transportation and Energy.