LONDON, June 1, 2016

Bureau van Dijk, the leading provider of company information, is today releasing its next generation user interface. This new interface, which has been two years in development, was created as a result of detailed customer research and testing. Users will be able to access the new version from today on two leading products: Fame, covering companies in the UK and Ireland, and Orbis, the company’s flagship product, which now covers more than 200 million companies across the globe.

The key theme of the new interface is “Show simplicity, offer complexity”. Bureau van Dijk’s databases have long been renowned for how well they allow users to manipulate quality company information via search and analysis options. The new interface retains these options, which are now delivered via contemporary screens that give the immediate impression of simplicity to deliver an intuitive experience.

New data visualisation tools aid the interpretation of company performance and also complex datasets such as global corporate families. Bureau van Dijk has reworked the presentation of its reports and charts, and the new interface is also tablet-friendly. Exporting research is simplified and a contemporary Add-in aids dynamic analysis in Excel and other Office products.

“Customers were crucial in this project,” said Louise Green, global marketing director at Bureau van Dijk. “The interface has been designed to solve the challenges they talked to us about. We’ve created a solution that’s easy to use and helps them work collaboratively. A highlight is our new Ownership Explorer which really brings our esteemed corporate structures to life. We’ve improved the functionality users value, and at the same time streamlined the user experience.”

The head of information resources at a leading firm of accountants across the UK added, “We were part of the working party for this project and have been testing the new interface for a while. We are fans of the new concept and particularly like how it delivers to help specific challenges our researchers highlighted during the development. And tailoring the formats and output to suit our corporate needs has been simple.”

A leading information industry analyst also sent his compliments to Bureau van Dijk. Chris Porter of Porter Walford Consulting said, “Bureau van Dijk has always been known for the quality and depth of its data. The new version of its interface adds a crisp new look and some great data visualizations, really speeding up the research process.”

Bureau van Dijk will run both the old and new versions of its interface in parallel so users can choose when to switch. The company will continue to develop the new interface and work on applying it across its range of information products.

About Bureau van Dijk

Bureau van Dijk is the leading provider of private company, corporate ownership and deal information. Bureau van Dijk’s product range combines data from regulatory and other sources, including 140 information partners, with flexible software to allow users to manipulate data for a range of research needs and applications.

Its Orbis database provides information on over 200 million companies across the globe. Fame covers over 10 million companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In addition, Bureau van Dijk addresses specific business challenges through its range of Catalysts including transfer pricing, credit, procurement, KYC, client on-boarding, M&A research and valuations, while BvD custom delivers bespoke solutions. Bureau van Dijk also publishes the global M&A database, Zephyr.