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  • Capgemini Consulting – We specialize in advising and supporting enterprises in significant transformation, from innovative strategy to execution and with an unstinting focus on results. With the new digital economy creating significant disruptions and opportunities, we work with leading companies and governments to master digital transformation, drawing on our understanding of the digital economy and our leadership in business transformation and organizational change.
  • Brunswick – Advisory firm specializing in critical issues and corporate relations: a global partnership with 23 offices in 14 countries. Our purpose is to help the great value creating organizations of the world play a more successful role in society.
  • Protiviti – A global consulting firm that helps companies solve problems in finance, technology, operations, governance, risk and internal audit, and has served more than 60 percent of Fortune 1000 and 35 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies.
  • Spearhead and Partners Ltd – We are consultants and market data outsourcing practitioners who provide a comprehensive range of market data support services. Support includes fully outsourced market data management, optimisation reviews, cost management, administration, audits, risk and compliance analysis.
  • CRI Group – A business intelligence network in over 80 countries which allows us to get local knowledge in places our competitors cannot. We achieve success using a global network of professionals specially trained in investigative due diligence, financial crime investigations, counter fraud and counter corruption solutions and third-party risk management.
  • Complyport – From advising small to medium sized enterprises on operational efficiency, to taking a board of directors through how best to meet the governance and conduct challenges of the future, we help firms across the spectrum of financial services to overcome their challenges.
  • Strategic Management And Media Group – We provide a comprehensive range of business services: recruitment services, management consultancy services, marketing and media buying services.
  • Ardent Consulting Engineers – We provide transport, infrastructure planning/engineering and flood risk management advice to our private and public sector clients. We have particular expertise in residential developments, together with understanding the broader flood risk management issues.
  • Keep Safety Simple Health and Safety Consultants – We offer fully certified onsite training and online consultancy on health and safety, protecting your people, brand and directors. Whatever you need risk assessments, policies or procedures, we’re here to provide low cost solutions, clear and easy to use advice.
  • StrategicRISK – A leading information brand providing risk and corporate governance news and insight to national, regional and multinational corporations across Europe, Middle East, and Asia.
  • EQworks – We design and run programmes that develop people’s performance at work, leadership skills and build resilience and engagement. We’ve helped develop emotionally intelligent executives, high performing senior management teams and motivated thousands of people through our coaching, seminars and workshops.
  • Netstar IT Support – We provide fully managed IT support and technology solutions, including proactive maintenance and monitoring, 24/7 IT support, network administration and technology consulting. Our fully managed IT Support solves your business challenges and helps you manage risk effectively.