LONDON, June 10, 2016

The Campaign for Free Parliament today endorsed the independent candidate, Dr Zia Samadani, in the Tooting by-election, due to take place next Thursday, 16th June.

The by-election, caused by the resignation of Sadiq Khan on his election as London Mayor, has been beset by the established political parties making the usual unrealistic promises. The Campaign believes that Dr Samadani offers a fresh approach, based on an accomplished career and freedom from party control. Dr Samadani will have the ability to act in the best interests of her constituents at all times. In contrast, the established parties put up candidates who will vote in Parliament according to what party managers tell them.

Campaign Director, Martyn Greene said:

“We are delighted to be able to endorse Dr Samadani’s candidature. We believe democracy is best served by people of integrity and independent minds, rather than party appointees slavishly following the party line.”

Dr Samadani added:

“I put myself forward to by the next MP for Tooting because I believe I have the skills and experience to represent my constituents effectively. I strongly support the objectives of the Campaign for a Free Parliament and am delighted to have received their endorsement.”