LONDON, July 27, 2016

Chatsuite, the market’s most versatile chat-based content management system, announced today that it is powering the recently launched Netflix recommendation bot from The Huffington Post. The bot provides HuffPost readers with recommendations for movies, documentaries, and TV shows.

The bot’s recommendations are generated by the HuffPost editorial team and directs readers to movie titles in Netflix’s library. Users can tell the bot what kind of movie they are in the mood for or simply ask the bot to “surprise” them with a recommendation.

The bot is currently active on The Huffington Post Entertainment Facebook page, which has a highly engaged community and over 1 million followers.

The new HuffPost bot is powered by Chatsuite’s proprietary technology and leverages an advanced recommendation engine, randomization algorithms and CMS integrations. The combination of HuffPost’s editorial prowess and Chatsuite’s technical capabilities will make this bot a truly enjoyable bot experience.

“Chatsuite is proud to work with top-tier publishers such as the Huffington Post to build engaging bots for their ‘chatters’,” said Asaf Amir, CEO of Chatsuite. “Bots are not only a tool that can drive publisher content to chatters, but we believe publishers should be building engaging and useful experiences, enhancing the overall enjoyment of their chatters and providing brands with the ability to reach more traffic.”

Chatsuite’s platform allows global media companies, brands, social and digital agencies to create chat optimized content experiences that reach and engage new and existing audiences, all within the chat apps they frequent the most.

About Chatsuite

Chatsuite powers effective content experiences across major chat applications for publishers and marketers. Chatsuite’s services span the full chat lifecycle, from planning and development, to launching and optimization, ensuring that the deployments of chat bots are a successful and integral part of a company’s overall digital communications strategy. Using the Company’s suite of powerful analytics tools, publishers and brands can benefit from an improved understanding of prevailing market trends and audience preferences – knowledge that will help retain long-term consumer loyalty and drive incremental revenue.