Category: Private equity firms
Business profile: Cinven is a leading European private equity firm, founded in 1977, with offices in Guernsey, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and New York. Cinven funds acquire Europe-based companies that require an equity investment of €100 million or more. While Europe remains our focus, Cinven’s Portfolio team helps our European portfolio companies take advantage of international best practices and growth in global markets, in particular opportunities in emerging economies, including those in Asia and the Americas. We focus on six sectors: Business Services, Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrials, and Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

Cinven funds acquire companies that are based predominantly in Europe, or have / will have significant European operations, which require an equity investment of €100 million or more.
Cinven has offices in Guernsey, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and New York.
Since 1988, Cinven funds have invested in 117 companies worth around €90 billion and realised proceeds of €30 billion. Today Cinven has €11 billion in assets under management.

Cinven is a responsible investor, seeking to build long-term value through sustainable growth in its portfolio companies. Responsible investing addresses three main areas of concern; the environmental and social impact of the business activity, and the manner in which the business is managed.
Address: Warwick Court, 5 Paternoster Row, City of London, London EC4M 7AG, UK
Phone number: 020 7661 3333