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Business profile: ClearScore comes from a frustration that something as important as our credit reports and scores are difficult to understand and hidden to most of us.

Your credit report and score is like a financial CV covering many of your financial accounts such as credit cards, loans and mortgages. Taking control of this is important to your financial well being. ClearScore is going to help all of us get this control and to ensure you get access to the best financial products tailored for you.

More than 1 million young brit adults have ignored a payment such as a mobile phone or a household bill. Nearly a third (31%) of 18-34 year olds have been rejected for a financial product such as a mortgage, mobile phone contact or store card because they have defaulted in the past.

The consequences of defaulting on a payment – even it’s only small – can be huge. A lender will take into account the information in your credit report before giving you a mortgage or a credit card. This isn’t just about how much you owe or earn, but how you have managed your credit in the past.
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