LONDON, July 20, 2016

FinTech Communications Specialist Moves Office to Support a Growing Headcount and Tap New Market Opportunities

Today, Cognia celebrates its new London office. The FinTech innovator specializes in communications monitoring, archiving and analysis. It needs the space to support growth and to give it a home in the heart of London’s government, tech and finance marketplace.

Set up eight years ago to address mobile call recording, Cognia now provides a global platform used by financial institutions in three continents. The office is home to the firm’s London-based staff and stands alongside other offices in New York and Singapore.

“Ultimately our success as a leading-edge cloud technology developer, depends on our people,” says Ian Hook, Cognia COO. “Office location and its general environment is essential to attract top talent.”

Located in Petty France, it’s within walking distance of Victoria and Waterloo stations. It’s also near government departments in Westminster and financial services firms in the West End and the City. Cognia can now count tech giants such as Microsoft and Google as near neighbours.

“Being within a few minutes of one of the largest financial-services centres in the world also counts for a lot,” adds Hook. “We continue to see strong local compliance-lead demand for our mobile recording, fixed-line recording and other archive and analytics cloud services.”

About Cognia

Cognia helps organizations address some of their most pressing compliance, service-assurance and productivity challenges. Used by businesses in sectors such as finance, energy, healthcare and retail, Cognia’s global communications-intelligence platform transforms the cost and ease of capturing, storing and analyzing mobile, fixed-line and digital interactions.