Commodity Inside: The Global Rare Earths Market Outlook 2016-2021

LONDON, August 18, 2016

Rare earths market has entered in a critical situation where uncertainty is looming around the future of some high probable rare earths mining projects. Chinese overflow in supply and plummeted rare earths prices have remained some major culprits behind the recent market distortions. All in all, they are also to a great extent responsible for the recent bankruptcies of Molycorp and Great Western. Moreover, the falling rare earths prices have also led to an indefinite hold on various mining projects.

The lustre in the rare earths market has been gradually vanishing, and miners are getting difficulty to lure investors. Some potential rare earths miners have also changed their names recently and ditched the once lucrative mining terms ‘rare earths’ and ‘rare metals’ from their corporate names. For instance, Avalon Rare Metals is now Avalon Advanced Materials and Texas Rare Earth Resources becomes Texas Mineral Resources.

Indeed factors such as cash costs, ratios of heavy and light rare earths elements, infrastructure, processing facilities, end users, rare earths prices etc will confront the viability of rare earths projects. Yet, above all them, it is ‘China’ which any potential investor needs to add in their profit equation to avoid failure.

Major end users are also exploring new ways to minimise the use of rare earths in their products. Japanese automaker Honda co-developed a hybrid battery without the use of heavy rare earths aiming to reduce reliance on Chinese rare earths. Stockpiling of rare earths is another option, albeit conventional, for end users to avoid any disruptions in supply, though it will be a menace to take any position without knowing the future price direction.

This report is a valuable resource necessary for understanding the current global rare earths market and its future direction. Commodity Inside analysed the rare earths industry from a different perspective and use both top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top approaches for assessing the market and its impact on demand, supply and prices. The Global Rare Earths Market Outlook 2016-2021 report addresses the following key issues:

– How Chinese demand and supply will develop in coming years and how it would impact the global rare earths market?
– What will be the repercussions of Chinese market consolidation amidst its illegal exports for the global market?
– How will the changing prices reshape the global rare earth market?
– Are we expecting any new supply by 2021?
– How junior minors can reposition themselves against majors and Chinese?
– What will be driving demand for rare earths?
– How end use sectors will perform over the coming years?

The Global Rare Earths Market Outlook 2016-2021 covers the following:

– A full coverage of the global rare earths market in volume and value terms
– Detailed market analysis and projections of 14 national markets
– Coverage of 10 end use sectors
– Demand and supply by individual rare earths elements
– 104 tables and charts
– Forecasts and analysis of rare earths by elements and by end use sectors
– Price forecast of seven rare earths elements
– All supportive data are available in Excel

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