Community centres

London Business Directory

  • Abbey Wood Community Group – We offer a vibrant hub for local activities in our community centre. We provide versatile halls for various events and regular activities, fostering community spirit. Our facilities, including a large and small hall, cater to diverse needs, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment. Centrally located, we are a go-to venue for community engagement in Abbey Wood.
  • Abbots Langley Community Centre – A charity-run hub since 1968, serving the village and surrounding areas. Our Centre, featuring a large hall, committee room, and kitchen, hosts diverse clubs and classes for all ages, including those with learning disabilities. It’s an ideal venue for social events, sports, music, and dance, underpinned by a rich history of community engagement and celebration.
  • Harefield Community Centre – A vibrant hub offering diverse activities including dancing, indoor bowls, judo and fitness classes. Our welcoming facility caters to all ages and interests, promoting community engagement and well-being through regular programs. We are dedicated to enriching local lives through accessible, enjoyable, and varied community-focused activities.
  • Perivale Community Centre – Established in 1946 and redesigned in 1994, we are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our community through various activities and events, offerings a range of facilities including a sports hall, social space, and meeting rooms.
  • Manor Park Community Centre – We offer a welcoming space for various events and activities. Our facility includes a spacious hall and multiple smaller rooms, all available for hire. We cater to diverse needs, from conferences and private functions to community activities, providing a versatile venue with a capacity of up to 150 people.
  • Penge East Community Centre – An ideal venue for local community events. Our centre features a large, secure lawn area and a community hall suitable for children’s birthday parties and other gatherings, providing a versatile and safe environment for various activities.
  • Belvedere Community Centre – A dynamic hub for local activities, events, and community engagement. Our facility boasts a variety of spaces including a large gymnasium, communal hall, café, and several meeting rooms. We’re dedicated to enriching the Belvedere community through diverse programs, catering to all ages and interests.
  • South Ruislip Community Association – Our center offers a range of activities and facilities, serving as a nexus for community engagement, learning, and entertainment. We’re committed to fostering a sense of belonging and growth within our local community.
  • Sydenham Centre – A dynamic community space focused on arts, dance, and wellness. Offering activities for all, including those with learning disabilities, we provide a creative and inclusive environment. Our facilities, including a studio and main hall, are ideal for various community events and classes.
  • Sutton African & Caribbean Cultural Organisation – A registered charity collaborating with local organizations to address community issues. We organize social events, celebrate diversity, and promote Black History Month. Our initiatives include mentoring in creative and food industries, outreach to schools, and publishing ‘Kaleidoscope’ magazine, covering culture, politics, and history.
  • Sutton Mencap – An independent local charity offering comprehensive support for individuals with learning disabilities. We provide varied play, leisure, and learning opportunities, including after-school, holiday, and weekend clubs for children, and diverse group activities for adults.
  • Morden Islamic Community Centre – We serve as a vibrant hub for the Muslim community, offering Islamic education, regular prayers, and community engagement activities. Our centre, initially a small Madrassah, has grown into a comprehensive community venue for spiritual growth and inter-community cohesion.