Como, a global leader in the field of cloud-based customer management and loyalty solutions, has partnered with ICRTouch, one of the UK’s largest EPOS software developers. The new partnership promises to broaden the reach of Como’s solutions, making them available to restaurants and retailers around the UK.

ICRTouch is a leading provider of EPOS solutions, offering cloud-based software including TouchOffice Web, today’s most comprehensive back-office management system.

ComoSense, the customer management system from Como, empowers restaurant and retail chains to engage their customers, understand them through deep business intelligence, and create a loyal customer base. It provides these businesses with their own branded and customised mobile apps, as well as multi-channel communication options to engage with customers.

Business Growth Through Rewards, Insights, and Custom Apps

The integration between ComoSense and ICRTouch enables businesses throughout the UK to deliver a seamlessly personalized customer experience, collect valuable information about customers’ purchasing behavior, and reward repeat customers to keep them coming back for more.

“As one of the UK’s largest EPOS providers with over 77,000 licenses installed, we are very proud to partner with Como”, said ICRTouch’s Chief Technology Officer, James Johnson. “We’ve learnt that success in the retail world is all about keeping customers happy so that they keep coming back. We believe that ComoSense is the product to help them do that”.

Managing Director of Como UK, Tom Boltman, said: “For the last two decades, ICRTouch and their network of partners have been at the forefront of EPOS innovation in the UK. Como is proud to partner with ICRTouch and offer its customers a fully integrated customer engagement solution that’s designed to help all types of businesses increase their profits, customer loyalty and brand awareness in an increasingly digital world.”

About Como

Como has been a leader in cloud-based customer engagement solutions since 2010. Its ComoSense solution enables retailers and restaurants to manage and understand their customers, personalize the customer experience, and increase spending. Papa John’s, Burger King, Quiznos, Coca-Cola, and BMW are some of the major chains harnessing ComoSense to maximize sales and build customer relationships. Como’s global partner network includes ICRTouch, MICROS, PAR, Posera, and other EPOS providers looking to provide an all-in-one customer management solution.