LONDON, January 29, 2018

Global biotech company announces privately funded sequencing and data analysis project of 10,000 new whole genomes across Europe in next two years

At the Festival of Genomics, international biotech company Dante Labs launched its 10,000 European Genome Project, which will sequence 10,000 Europeans via whole genome sequencing over the next two years, further advancing the understanding of the human genome for the entire European population.

The study includes both the sequencing and advanced data analysis and will leverage Dante Labs’ extensive investments in big data, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. “This will be an opportunity to gather and examine very interesting data across Europe,” Dante Labs CEO and Co-founder Andrea Riposati said in a statement. “The entire team has worked hard in these past months to enable us to launch this large-scale project. We are excited about the role it will play in advancing medical and genetic research.”

The study will unlock genetic knowledge across borders of the entire continent instead of focusing on a single country. Dante Labs plans to complete the entire project by the fourth quarter of 2019.

“We have received requests for partnerships from leading universities and leading genetic companies worldwide,” Riposati explained. Dante Labs is currently accepting applications for research projects that will benefit from the 10,000 European Genome Project.

Dante Labs was founded with the mission of making advanced genetic accessible to everyone. The company specializes in whole genome sequencing and has developed advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities for the whole genome. Dante Labs also offers special agreements to rare disease advocacy groups in both Europe and the U.S., hoping to provide rare disease patients and their physicians with inexpensive access to high-quality next-generation sequencing.