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Business profile: Darktrace is one of the world’s leading cyber threat defense companies. Its Enterprise Immune System technology detects and responds to previously unidentified threats in real time, powered by machine learning and mathematics developed by specialists at the University of Cambridge, which analyze the behavior of every device, user and network within an organization.

Some of the world’s largest corporations rely on Darktrace’s self-learning, self-defending technology in sectors including energy and utilities, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation.

Darktrace was founded in Cambridge, UK, in 2013 by mathematicians and machine learning specialists from the University of Cambridge, together with world-leading intelligence experts from MI5 and GCHQ, to bring transformative technology to the challenge of cyber security.

With this unique combination of expertise in mathematics, software and intelligence, Darktrace has delivered the world’s first operational Enterprise Immune System. Our leading-edge solution gives organizations the ability to detect emerging cyber-threats, allowing them the opportunity to proactively defend against in-progress cyber-attacks.
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