LONDON, December 29, 2017

DataTracks, a global leader in regulatory compliance solutions, has once again emerged as a favoured provider for XBRL services and solutions across the globe. A recent analysis of DataTracks’ customer satisfaction survey has revealed that the overall Customer Satisfaction Score is 90%, a testament to the quality and proficiency of services delivered by DataTracks.

As a part of continuous assessment, clients from across the globe were surveyed for their opinion and feedback on DataTracks’ services and solutions for Quality and Timeliness, the two defining pillars of DataTracks.

DataTracks relies on client feedback to continuously improve its customer-focused services, and is excited to see such positive results.

Compliance and regulatory reporting consumes a colossal amount of time and expertise for finance professionals. To save on time and the cost of in-house expertise, companies prefer to outsource this complex and comprehensive assignment to service providers like DataTracks. As evident from the responses in the survey, the companies are very particular about the quality and turnaround time of their output. Highlights of the survey result ratings are shared below:

– 91% for customer support and issue resolution
– 88% for quality of output and service
– 90% for delivery timeliness

“We value feedbacks from our clients and are committed to helping companies for smoother regulatory filings. We are delighted to receive such high customer satisfaction scores, which reiterates our obsession for quality and our commitment to exceed customer expectations.” avers Sunitha CS, Head of Client Relations.

Since the industry revolves around confidential financial information, gaining consumer trust is the key to success. DataTracks considers customer satisfaction (the reflection of trust) as its top priority.

About DataTracks

DataTracks, known for its quality and cost-effectiveness, strives to provide cutting-edge Regulatory Reporting Technology across the globe. DataTracks is the preferred vendor for several accounting firms and thousands of corporations in the UK. DataTracks has processed more than 40,000 iXBRL files.

DataTracks facilitates organisations across the globe to conform to multiple regulations and has strong footprints in Europe, USA, Asia, and South Africa, serving over 4,000+ clients with compliance reports to the HMRC in the UK, Revenue in Ireland, various EU regulations, SEC in the U.S., ACRA in Singapore, MCA in India and CIPC in South Africa.