LONDON, January 9, 2018

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals NHS Trust to take the next step into the future of patient safety, by signing up to Datix Cloud IQ. The next generation of Datix software allows healthcare organisations to revolutionise the way in which improvement processes are implemented and assessed.

Burton and Southport & Ormskirk will be implementing Datix Cloud IQ, the new SaaS based software from Datix. The system will help the two acute trusts go beyond the simple capture and review of data. The quality improvement process on which Datix Cloud IQ is built will expose and resolve the issues that lead to adverse outcomes, transforming the way in which data is used. Both Trusts will be able to demonstrate continuous improvement by allowing them to plan and implement change, and assessing what works and why, transforming the traditional role of patient safety data.

Jo Ralph, Head of Governance and Risk at Burton Hospitals NHS Trust said: “Along with the new Mortality Review module, one of the main drivers for our move to Datix Cloud IQ is the Datix Anywhere mobile app. Reporting incidents without the constraints of a computer, and giving our frontline staff the ability to report incidents when and where they happen, will not only increase the number of incidents reported, but it will help us capture more valuable and timely information.”

Both Trusts will start the implementation with the Capture and Evaluate Toolkits, featuring Incidents, Feedback, Datix Anywhere, Enterprise Risk Manager and the ground-breaking Investigations module. The first module to be rolled out will be the new Mortality Review which will allow the hospitals to capture, review and report all mortalities in one comprehensive tool.

“The Mortality Review module is something that we are most eager to get up and running,” said Mandy Power, Assistant Director (Integrated Governance) at Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals NHS Trust. “The Datix Cloud IQ System is going to help us restructure our reporting process, improve our understanding of patient data, allow us to engage more actively with users, and evaluate and assess the success of improvements implemented. Having been a customer of Datix for many years now, we are excited to be taking this next pioneering step towards improving patient safety with them.”

John Scott, Senior VP Global Sales and Marketing at Datix, commented: “It’s fantastic news that Burton and Southport & Ormskirk are showing the way in striving for patient safety excellence. Datix Cloud IQ offers a leap forward in reporting and learning capabilities, this is an exciting time for healthcare in the UK, with a chance for improved learning and efficiency of care.”

Datix Cloud IQ is made up of five toolkits: Capture, Evaluate, Strategy, Implement and Assess. Each one plays its part in a PDSA process that drives continuous improvement and operational efficiency, leading to better patient care and reduced costs.

About Datix

Datix has been a global pioneer in the field of patient safety over the past three decades and today is the leading provider of software for patient safety, risk management and incident reporting for the healthcare sector.

Datix aims to build and promote a culture of safety within healthcare organisations, recruiting professionals who are passionate about improving healthcare and championing technological innovation. Datix continually invests in its software and services, maintaining a leadership position at the forefront of the worldwide patient safety movement.

Datix is focused on the health and social care sector. Its customers include public and private hospitals, primary care providers, GP surgeries, mental health and ambulance service providers. Within the UK this includes over 80% of the National Health Service. Internationally the Datix client base is growing rapidly and includes large scale deployments in the USA and Canada as well as customers in Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Datix has offices in London, Chicago and Washington DC, with partners in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.