Dave Breith Joins HeyMenu

LONDON, December 9, 2016

HeyMenu, a new disruptor to the UK’s takeaway industry food fight, today announces that Dave Breith, a business leader and tech entrepreneur will be stepping in as Chief Executive taking the new business model to launch in March 2017.

HeyMenu connects takeaway restaurants and consumers via an easy-to-use and tailored website and app. HeyMenu’s proposition is to provide up to 90 per cent lower costs to takeaway restaurants than competitors, including zero commission. This is in addition to more personalisation and dependable technology that ensures orders are not dropped, payments are secure and reliable and deliveries are tracked from the restaurant to the front door.

The launch of HeyMenu sees the company on-boarding an average 500 takeaway restaurants per week, developing at a significant fast-pace, and prior to any substantial marketing activity.

Dave’s role is to listen to HeyMenu’s Takeaway Restaurants’ thoughts, ideas and requests to create a model that is beneficial for both restaurants and consumers. Already, HeyMenu is working on functionality to bring in a ‘booking a table’ option amongst other unique offerings that the current market leaders don’t yet provide.

Chris Howard is now Chairman of HeyMenu and will be working closely with Dave to on board Takeaway Restaurants as quickly as possible. Currently appetite is exceeding expectations and has set back the consumer launch date to ensure everyone is set up to take advantage of the first big consumer push.

Chris Howard, Chairman HeyMenu, comments: “It is so exciting to have Dave on board. His experience in starting and setting up successful businesses is extraordinary and with his technology background and ability to understand the market, we have the top expertise on our side to make HeyMenu the best it can be whilst simultaneously challenging the current market, which of late resembles a messy food fight.”

Dave Breith, CEO HeyMenu, adds “I loved the concept from the off and have been working in the background with Chris for a while. It just made sense for me to invest and take the reins to bring HeyMenu to market. The pick-up from Takeaway Restaurants has been incredible. We didn’t expect such a response and as such are tweaking HeyMenu’s usability as we go in response to hearing our restaurants thoughts on the current takeaway models. It’s an exciting time for the industry and I for one can’t wait to launch a refreshing business model that actually benefits both restaurants and consumers alike.”

Takeaway restaurants currently have to pay large percentage fees to be on certain websites, such as Just Eat and Hungry House, but we at Hey Menu believe they are not being empowered for the price they pay. Their businesses are thriving, however not as much as they should be, as they are unable to re-invest profit into their own business. Instead they are working harder and probably for less return. HeyMenu offers a more rewarding experience and provides unique, personalised options for those who love good food.

HeyMenu’s aim is to provide the most attractive commercial offering to restaurants, ensuring that each retains most of its profits, which can then be re-invested and result in an enhanced quality of service to consumers. With these priorities, HeyMenu aims to become the provider of choice for restaurants and consumers alike.