LONDON, June 20, 2016

With the launch of Daweda Exchange, the new EU regulated trading platform, retail clients can now buy and sell binary options contracts directly from each other in an online marketplace. Trading on the Daweda Exchange is different from the other binary options trading platforms. At Daweda, the buyer and seller act as counterparties to the trade without the involvement of a broker (“peer-to-peer”).

When you buy or sell binary options contracts on the Daweda Exchange platform, you will do so with other clients like yourself. This ensures a fair, honest and transparent trading process. Daweda Exchange will charge a flat service fee on each contract traded on the platform.

“We never understood why a client needed to interact with the broker when clients can simply trade in binary options between themselves.” said the company in a statement. “It is nearly impossible for the average client to make any profit when trading against a better-informed broker, or against a broker who has an interest in the outcome of the trade. Our model is better suited for anyone wishing to trade in binary options.”

To enable clients to trade under this new model, Daweda Exchange has developed its own trading platform and its own orderbook (with two levels, one for first time traders and the second for more experienced traders) in order to provide clients with true market exchange experience. The orderbook can execute trades in under 4 milliseconds which is the stock market standard for fast execution.

Here’s an example of how the Daweda Exchange works: A client (the buyer) who thinks the EUR/USD will go up from its current level (say 1.211) buys a binary option contract from a client (counterparty to the contract) who thinks the price will go down (the seller). Upon the expiration of the contract, either the buyer or the seller will receive a 100% return on the investment.

To start trading at the Daweda Exchange, a client first needs to register at by providing an email address and some basic personal details and documents. The client can then begin trading in either a demo mode or with real money. The demo account gives the client an opportunity to try out the new system before committing to trade with real money. After opening an account, a client can start trading immediately, buying or selling binary options contracts with other clients with contracts starting as low as $10. Since trading is done directly between two clients, Daweda Exchange is indifferent as to the outcome of the trade, but will ensure that both buyer and seller uphold their commitments to each other. Daweda Exchange is a true financial marketplace for binary options trading.

The company noted, “With Daweda Exchange, trading in binary options is fair, honest and easy. We are making the online trading world a better place and we are already seeing clients who prefer this new way of trading over the traditional client-broker model.”

Daweda Exchange also offers a Professional Client Program which is suited for clients who are professional traders. Under the Professional Client Program professional traders can trade using automated trading tools connected with an API to the Daweda Exchange Orderbook.

About Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange (operating under EU license number 289/16 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is the world’s first marketplace for binary options contracts that gives complete freedom to both buyer and seller to set prices and trade in financial contracts directly with each other (“peer-to-peer”).