Decision Resources Group launches intuitive new Insights Platform, built by Ixxus

LONDON, August 17, 2016

Ixxus is delighted to announce that its client, Decision Resources Group (DRG), has launched a new, intuitive platform, the Ask DRG Insights Platform.

The platform enables DRG customers to obtain health care research, data and insights in real-time, and covers over 150 diseases, 300 companies and 17 high-level therapy areas.

Ixxus designed and built the technology underlying the platform, which provides asset management, powerful search and discovery, and innovative content-to-content linking. Kentico is integrated as an authoring tool and Drupal for front-end delivery, creating an end-to-end publishing workflow.

The platform leverages a custom taxonomy alongside metadata enrichment and content-to-content linking to realise a sophisticated network of knowledge. Diseases, companies and drugs are stored at a granular level and linked together to create dynamic, visually-driven insight into the healthcare landscape.

These content associations make it possible for DRG to easily and efficiently assemble insightful reports on chosen topics, and to surface relevant content to new audiences. Reports no longer need to be created as linear, monolithic blocks, but can be rapidly and flexibly assembled from content objects to produce custom offerings on-demand.

“The automated product assembly solution, in particular, was a major efficiency win for DRG,” said Mickel Phung, Principal Analyst at DRG, “One of our legacy products required that we create and maintain 2,500 reports with continuously changing content. This automated approach also allows us to create much more complex, dynamic content to visualize our data to clients.”

Ixxus worked closely with DRG, utilizing an agile methodology over 3 phases and 10 months to complete the project. An initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was designed and delivered within 4 months, allowing DRG to reap the advantages of the new platform as quickly as possible while continuing to iteratively input into the final solution.

The solution incorporates a number of Ixxus Publishing Modules, including Collections, Two-Way Association and Bulk Metadata Upload: specialist publishing tools designed to meet common publishing challenges and accelerate clients’ digital transformation programs.

Sarah Buck, Vice President of Product Development, said, “The Ixxus team has proven to be a premier partner as it pertains to content and publishing – we weren’t disappointed and look forward to a continued partnership.”

About Decision Resources Group

DRG, a subsidiary of Piramal Enterprises Ltd., offers best-in-class, high-value data, analytics and insights products and services to the healthcare industry, delivered by more than 1000 employees across 17 offices in North America, Europe and Asia. DRG provides the Life Sciences, Provider, Payer and Financial Services industries the data, tools, insights and advice they need to compete and thrive in an increasingly complex and value-based marketplace.

About Ixxus

Ixxus is a leading global provider of publishing solutions that reinvent the way organizations produce content to drive new revenues and enhance product and content agility. Ixxus has roots in both traditional and digital publishing, delivering award-winning solutions that accelerate digital transformation and create competitive advantage. Our unique expertise in storage, search, content modeling, editorial and distribution is applicable to all those who wish to maximize the value of their digital assets.