LONDON, September 20, 2016

Drayson Technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) platform company, is today announcing an expansion of its operations to Latin America with the opening of a new sales office in Mexico City. The expansion will see the company’s full suite of technologies and products made commercially available across Latin America, with commercial deals in the region soon to be announced. The opening of the office is a natural next step for Drayson Technologies due to regional links through Co-founder, Dr Manuel Piñuela. A Mexican citizen, Piñuela began his academic and business career in Mexico before moving to the U.K. to study for his PhD which was part funded by the Mexican government. It was here he subsequently met Lord Drayson and co-founded the business.

Lord Paul Drayson, Chairman and CEO, Drayson Technologies, said: “I am delighted with the strong level of interest in the Company’s products that we are experiencing in the Latin American market which reflects the region’s dynamism and enthusiasm for innovation. It is fantastic to work alongside Dr Piñuela and to see him bring his inventions home.”

Dr Manuel Piñuela, CTO and Managing Director Latin America, Drayson Technologies, said: “The technology market in Latin America is expanding rapidly. We’re proud to introduce our innovative IoT solutions to the region. We have already identified applications for our products across smart city, agricultural, health, and transport areas as we bring wireless charging and machine learning to businesses and government in Latin America.”

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of physical devices, such as sensors, enabled with network connectivity to collect and exchange data. The vast amounts of data that IoT networks are collecting has made energy consumption a mission critical consideration for companies looking to implement them. Drayson Technologies has developed technology solutions that enable the energy-efficient and cost-effective development and operation of IoT networks.

A central point of focus for Drayson Technologies will be on deploying its air pollution monitoring network, CleanSpace™. A number of major cities in Latin America suffer from air pollution; Mexico City raised an air pollution alert in March this year in response to its worst air quality in over a decade[1]. CleanSpace uses a machine-learning network of connected smart sensors to create an advanced map of air pollution. This map enables people to “see the air they breathe” on a street-by-street level, helping enterprises and municipalities in Mexico and other major cities in Latin America improve air quality and make their cities smarter.

Drayson Technologies plans to implement its solutions across vital Latin American industries such as agriculture. Aura™, an IoT network developed by Drayson Technologies, uses sensors to measure temperature, humidity and pollution conditions to automatically optimise greenhouse conditions on a large scale, helping farmers to maximise plant and crop yield. With agriculture accounting for 3.71 per cent of Mexican GDP[2], the potential benefit of IoT solutions like Aura is significant.

About Drayson Technologies

Drayson Technologies Limited is an internet of things (IoT) platform company headquartered in London, UK. It has developed proprietary wireless charging technology and machine learning software to create smart sensor networks that generate actionable insights to improve people’s lives and deliver value to business customers.