LONDON, June 5, 2018

Infosecurity Europe – Egnyte, the leading cloud provider of smart content collaboration and governance, today announced a new GDPR policy that gives businesses the power to identify GDPR-sensitive content in a matter of minutes. This new feature, which is now generally available as a part of Egnyte’s data governance solution, Egnyte Protect, can be deployed instantly with no additional hardware required.

Egnyte Protect uses advanced machine learning to quickly identify the most likely areas where GDPR-sensitive information could be located in their content repositories. In real-time the system will find and classify the sensitive content in those areas first, such as credit card numbers, national insurance identification, phone numbers, and more. This makes the time-to-value nearly instantaneous, saving administrators time and money by not having to create their own complex configurations for finding and securing sensitive personal information.

“The new GDPR has put a lot of pressure on organisations to be accountable for the data they are managing and challenging them to take responsibility for the safeguarding of this information, which I believe is long overdue,” said Jeff Sizemore, VP of Governance and Compliance at Egnyte. “What we have built with Egnyte Protect is a simple, fast, and effective way for organisations to answer that challenge, giving them complete control over the entire content lifecycle – from creation to retirement. The new GDPR policy is the first of many intelligent policies that are being built by the Egnyte Protect team, furthering our commitment to providing practical solutions for privacy, security and data compliance.”

The new GDPR policy is strengthened by Egnyte Protect’s ability to provide:

Unified Control – Customers can enforce protection policies, like the new GDPR policy, across Egnyte Connect, SharePoint, Windows File Servers, and OneDrive repositories with a single interface.

Real-Time Notifications – Customers can set up alerts for any activity around sensitive content, ensuring they are aware of any abnormal activities as they occur, and allowing administrators to take the necessary actions to ensure the proper protection of their data.

File Remediation – Administrators can take the necessary actions to move files, delete files, or revoke access to files right from within the Egnyte Protect interface. When moving or deleting files, a placeholder is left there to notify end users of the new location of their file.

“With Egnyte Protect, BuzzFeed was able to meet requirements for data governance, without disrupting content creation and workflow, which was imperative to a digital media powerhouse where our content creators are fueling our immense growth,” said Jason Reich, Director of Global Security at BuzzFeed. “At the end of the day, Egnyte lets us be smarter about our content, which makes us smarter about our business.”

About Egnyte

Egnyte delivers secure content collaboration, compliant data protection and simple infrastructure modernisation; all through a single SaaS solution. Founded in 2007, Egnyte is privately held, headquartered in Mountain View, CA and supports thousands of businesses worldwide. Investors include Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers, CenturyLink and Seagate Technology.