LONDON, July 8, 2016

Co-Owner-manager of German company Empolis was celebrating this week after being awarded Best CEO in the Big Data Industry 2016 by Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM).

Considering the rapid growth of the Data Analysis and Big Data industry, this is no mean feat on the part of Dr Stefan Wess. He was delighted to pick up the BWM award. His success, after achieving great company results in 2015, Wess ascribes to being constantly alert for updates within his industry. “Software and the IT industry itself are, like many other sectors right now – in a phase of disruption,” he said. “Not all players and managers have recognised this. And yet, it is incredibly important to understand that future success is not tied up with past success”

This forward-thinking company, whose Empolis Smart Cloud system was voted one of this year’s trend setting products, by a US magazine, has already assisted a number of high-profile international companies such as General Electric, Porsche, BMW, Airbus, Bosch, Kyocera, Vodafone and media outfit Wolters Kluwer.

Wess added: “With more devices and products out there, the greater the amount of data and content being produced, the higher the need becomes for companies to stay on top of it all. I am talking here about making use of immediate feedback from the market, finding better solutions to problems and collecting information about what customers are really doing.”

Being able to utilise information in a flexible and meaningful way allows companies to restructure their engagement strategy so they serve customers better. It also allows them to make better informed decisions and innovate more rapidly. Wess himself employs an ‘Agile’ philosophy at all times.”We consider ourselves an agile company in that we are always learning and adapting to changes we encounter along the way. That philosophy is software development related but extends to client management, employee relations and, in fact, the whole management structure.”

And as the for future, Wess and his partners believe that this efficient collection of data is merely the first step in a process which already involves Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but could eventually improve what the human brain can achieve. In other words, we are just at the start of a real technological Revolution. Big Data, Machine Intelligence and Robotics will go on to shape society in the future.

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