LONDON, June 5, 2018

empow, a leader in next-generation SIEM technology, today announced it has joined the Carbon Black Integration Network (CbIN).

This integration will enable organizations to significantly reduce the time needed to detect and respond to cyberattacks by automating the detection, investigation, and remediation phases of incident response.

Most enterprises have made substantial investments in cybersecurity products and personnel, yet the vast majority are struggling to manage and maintain their sprawling security infrastructures. Security teams and SOC analysts are drowning in a sea of alerts, unable to detect, investigate or respond to attacks effectively. Traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions have failed to deliver on the promise of identifying actual attacks, let alone responding to them.

The empow solution is the first and only SIEM in the industry that uses artificial intelligence (natural language processing) and machine learning to detect, investigate, and respond to cyberattacks automatically, without requiring static correlation rules or programmatic playbooks, all by using the organization’s existing network and security infrastructure. With patented classification, analytics and abstraction capabilities, the empow solution identifies actual attacks with extremely high accuracy, without requiring human-written correlation rules or analyst involvement.

The empow solution leverages endpoint data and APIs from Carbon Black to investigate, validate, and proactively remediate attacks. In a typical integrated deployment, the empow solution detects advanced attack campaigns using its classification and analytics capabilities, and then uses Carbon Black’s open application programming interfaces (APIs) to investigate and confirm the attack, identify new and unknown indicators of compromise (IOCs), proactively hunt for compromised hosts, and conduct any required remediation.

“The empow solution was built on the overarching vision of enabling security teams to do more with what they already have,” said Kurt Bertone, VP of Marketing and Business Development for empow. “Our integration with Carbon Black will enable our joint customers to detect and respond to attacks faster, more effectively, and more efficiently than ever before.”

“The Carbon Black Integration Network (CbIN) is designed to help customers stop known and unknown attacks by deploying integrated prevention, detection and response strategies for their business,” said Jim Raine, Carbon Black’s Director of Technology Alliances. “As a member of CbIN, empow’s next-gen SIEM brings new levels of threat intelligence, automated remediation and end-to-end protection to our joint customers.”

About empow

empow, a Gartner Cool Vendor company, is a pioneering cybersecurity company whose mission is to help organizations “make more of what they already have.” empow’s Security Platform is a NG SIEM solution, powered by AI, that autonomously understands the intent behind each piece of data that the existing network infrastructure generates, no matter the data source, and knows how to determine if these pieces form a real attack “story” against the organization. The Platform’s intent-based orchestration engine then executes adaptive investigation and response actions to address each threat effectively. This approach allows the most siloed organizations to create a proactive security ecosystem that is constantly being synched to address each threat in the best possible way – all by using their existing infrastructure’s resources and tools.