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Business profile: We are a CIAT registered Architectural Technology Practice working in London, throughout the country and Europe. We offer services to domestic clients and other professionals and practices with the aim of assisting them to achieve their goals whatever they may be within the architectural field.

We have worked in architecture for over twelve years and in construction and engineering previously, as such we not only design buildings but have also built them and consequently have extensive experience of survey, site work and practices, which not a lot of architects and designers are able to attribute to.
Not only are our staff qualified engineers and experienced builders but also chartered members of CIAT, the chartered institute of architectural technologists and as such are guided by the requirements for registered practices which ensures client confidence and protection which is further reinforced with our professional indemnity insurance cover.

What we do
Our practice is a small, malleable and adaptable practice who are not only an architectural practice in our own right but also cater for sub contracting, drafting capabilities and consultancy based services in an on demand capability to other architectural practices and professionals to allow for lean construction principles to apply to design and resource management. In a nut shell, we are able to guide clients through the process from inception through to completion on site and enable our professional partners to tackle any project on demand to a fixed and quantifiable price and turn around exposure.

How we do it
We undertake commissions from a single dormer installation to multiple plot developments. Every project is given the utmost dedication, resources and attention to detail it deserves irrespective of budget, size or client.
As each project is different, each project requires a bespoke design and solution. this is usually conceived by the client and crafted and guided by us. We utilise the latest CAD and BIM technology to assist in realising the projects full potential.

Why we do it
We empower our clients to comprehend and master architecture and the built environment. We take pride in aiding other architectural practices to grow and maintain a robust business and we gain immense satisfaction by helping private clients realise the dreams and visions in their minds become bricks and mortar in reality.

Enzo Associates

Address: 40 Bloomsbury Way, Lower Ground Floor, Holborn, London WC1A 2SE

Phone number: 0753 839 9165