LONDON, December 6, 2016

Pioneering electronic payments service provider ePayments Group ( ) has become a principal member of MasterCard. The license from MasterCard provides a recognition of ePayments Group’s increasingly prominent role in the online payments industry where it now has over 300 corporate clients and this year is on track to settle US$0.5bn in transaction volumes.

ePayments modular and highly scalable technology has been used to build bank grade enterprise solutions for clients around the world. Membership will provide access to licensing agreements and allow ePayments Group clients to connect to MasterCard directly without having to go through a separate interface.

Mike Rymanov, Co-Founder and CEO said: Becoming a principal member of MasterCard is an exciting moment for ePayments Group. As payment transactions become increasingly global in nature, ePayments Group provides a platform for low-cost, fast and integrated payment solutions. Principal membership of MasterCard will ensure our services are offered to as broad a base as is possible.

The appointment further bolsters ePayments Group’s position with leading financial intermediaries including Forex, PCM and network affiliates as it looks to become the leading online payments platform within the Financial Services industry.

About ePayments Group

ePayments Group was founded in 2011 to facilitate payments for the affiliate marketing industry. Since then it has grown into a multi-country operation with 300 corporate clients and 300,000 individual clients spanning 200 network affiliates from over 100 countries. ePayments Group has expanded its payment services to other industries including Forex, MLM, and digital currency, it is on target to reach US $0.5 billion in transaction volumes.