EY launches EY wavespace

LONDON, March 28, 2017

EY has launched its global network of growth and innovation centers to help clients catch the next wave in radical breakthroughs in business transformation by tapping into innovative thinking across EY disciplines, experience and industry sectors.

The flagship centers, which are focused on specific disruptive growth strategies and technologies impacting industries, comprise the EY wavespace™ global network of differentiated work spaces, capabilities and proprietary intellectual property.

The wavespace centers expand EY’s existing network of innovation centers1 developed to help clients face the challenges and opportunities of continuous change, digitization and disruption. All locations feature a shared methodology and platform that combines EY’s experience in areas including disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics process automation (RPA), blockchain, data analytics, digital, customer experience and cyber security, and EY’s deep industry domain and regulatory experience.

In a multi-million dollar investment, EY will increase its current network of 15 locations by adding centers in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions over the next year.The new centers will be located in Amsterdam; Atlanta; Mexico City; New York (Chelsea); Santa Monica (Silicon Beach), Calif.; São Paulo; Trivandrum, India; and Toronto. Each center has a range of technology and market focus, with dedicated teams of multi-disciplinary practitioners in disruptive innovation to help create a new market or a new way of creating value.

Norman Lonergan, EY Global Vice Chair, Advisory Services, says: “Organizations face continuous disruption at an increasingly fast pace, so senior business leaders are passionate about driving change to stay competitive. Many believe in radical transformation as the path forward to achieve their business objectives, but they don’t necessarily know how to start. The EY wavespace network encourages clients to be fearless about identifying dramatic ideas that could ultimately lead to dramatic breakthroughs.”

Jeff Wong, EY Global Chief Innovation Officers, says: “Through our connected network of EY wavespace centers, we help clients have differentiated, eye-opening experiences because they can access capabilities and knowledge anywhere in the world. This immersive environment and entrée to thought leaders across industries, academia, research and entrepreneurs will help traditional companies imagine future business models and different ways of working.”

Richard Suhr, EY Global Digital Leader, Advisory, says: “The wavespace network is a significant evolution in EY’s role as an orchestrator of digital providers. Our digital and innovation strategy starts from the premise that no single organization can maintain digital capability and expertise across all the new digital platforms. Instead, we are helping clients draw on the ‘network multiplier’ effect of platform-driven ecosystems. And besides access to technology, we are providing clients avenues to knowledge from our digital collaborators and opportunities to build vital new relationships.”