LONDON, January 5, 2018

Freedom Snowsports launches in the Evasion Mont Blanc Ski Area with an impressive teaching team including its founder and Director, Will Roberts.

Realising a long-held ambition to deliver his own vision for ski coaching, Will Roberts and his team are excited to be entering their first season. The team led by Will, has been handpicked for their abilities and teaching skills. Will qualified as an instructor in ’05, and quickly progressed to the highest BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors) level within just 3 years. His passion for, and dedication to, his sport also saw him start coaching and grading ski instructors in 2014 when he became a BASI trainer. All of Will’s team are just as impressive and include ex-world cup skier Eli Plut, ex-national trainer Stewart Conway, and instructor coach George Dixon-Spain. You can view their profiles online.

Based in the Evasion Mont Blanc area comprising St Gervais, Megeve and Les Contamines. The Freedom Snowsports team will deliver ski coaching in all formats from private individual or group sessions to open groups and multi-day skills courses. But what makes Freedom Snowsports different is their aim to provide tuition that is entirely customised to each client from the moment a booking is confirmed. A key feature of their system enables instructors and clients to communicate before the coaching sessions begin. In fact, the booking platform not only allows clients to tailor their own coaching programme, but also provides key logistics information automatically. Ensuring everyone knows where and when to meet for each session. You don’t just book, turn up in resort and hope for the best. Instead, you will feel connected and informed from the moment you book.

With a talented team backed up by solid technology solutions, Will believes he has found the best, most user-friendly way to develop skiers. Whether complete beginners looking to make their first turns on snow or seasoned skiers keen to hone specialised skills and techniques.

“For those seeking personalized ski coaching in incredible surroundings, there is simply no better choice.”