LONDON, October 14, 2016

FreshTunes, a brand new digital music distribution service has entered the market and is set to disrupt the sector with a unique offering for the world’s independent artists – a free to use service to distribute music onto all major music streaming platforms and digital stores, accessible online at

The main features of the simple and user-friendly FreshTunes online interface are:

– Free registration and 24 hour content upload to all major digital stores – allowing artists to manage their releases, artwork, track descriptions and monitor sales and streaming statistics via an elegant dashboard.
– Music is distributed to all major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, GoogleMusic, Amazon music, Shazam, YouTube, SAAVN, Guvera and more.
– Fresh Tunes takes no cut of revenues, royalties or rights – the artist keeps 100%.
– Additional value-added services such as artwork production, lyric video production, ringtone production, promotion of artist videos on the FreshTunes YouTube channel, LANDR automated music mastering and MFiT to fit music to iTunes quality standards.

The Business Model is completely transparent, simple and unique – Fresh Tunes makes money from the value- added services it offers and some interest on the money that is left in the account, as users can withdraw in multiples of £25. This way, the standard service will stay free for everyone, always.

Fresh Tunes entered the market in Spring 2016, and already the service has exceeded all targets – with users in 84 countries, including the UK, US as well as Russian Federation, India and Brazil.

In just six months, FreshTunes has amassed a growing list of nearly 50,000 tracks. Fresh Tunes has already given independent hip hop star Oxxxymiron a #1 album (Hip Hop chart, iTunes Russia), as well as distributing the music of Jamala the Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Fresh Tunes was co-founded by Nikolay Okorokov, it is headquartered in Dubai with the tech and operational hub in Moscow, a city that is fast becoming a global hub for tech and creativity. The startup has also already set up offices in Brazil and the UK.

Nikolay Okorokov said: “I believe we’ve created a new model that is fair and gives the best value for money for all independent artists. It is one that we believe will create a new shift in digital music distribution. So many artists now are choosing to stay independent, even after achieving global success – it’s a trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed and FreshTunes is all about empowering and supporting the independent community of musicians around the world to truly run their careers on their terms.”

Across nearly a twenty year career, 38 year old Okorokov has built an impressive track record in the digital music content, tech and communications business through founding and leading his diverse range of companies Iricom, Rightscom, Kedoo, animation studio 3D Sparrow and his stake in Russian label NDA. Okorokov’s visionary business approach, expert leadership and responsiveness in a fast moving digital world, has seen him become a leader in the booming Russian digital content market.

Okorokov added: “Everything is going free, services are now affordable for everyone, it is the same for music. FreshTunes has a ‘freemium’ model, the main service of distributing music onto digital platforms is totally free, and if users want a value added service on top, then they are happy to pay a small fee. We truly believe everyone deserves to share their art, build their communities and reach a global audience for free.”