Category: Educational services

Business profile: At Halliford School we seek to be both academically ambitious as well as academically sensitive. We challenge and support our students to make the most of their abilities but also to learn how to take responsibility for their progress.

We strongly believe that every young person should be seen as an individual with their own personality, talents and skills and that it is this individuality that we seek to encourage and develop at all stages of their education. Our aim is to enable each of our students to become the very best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Our approach of striving for academic excellence is perfectly complimented by a dedication to developing a wide variety of other interests, helping our young people to build their aspirations and instilling in them confidence and resilience for the future.

We offer a wide variety of co-curricular activities where we aim to provide our students with the chance to immerse themselves in a whole host of activities outside the classroom. As a small school our students have the opportunity to represent their school in a whole host of teams and activities.

Halliford School

Address: Russell Road, Shepperton TW17 9HX

Phone number: 019 3222 3593