Hawthorn Leisure Joins SynergySuite’s Growing Client Roster

LONDON, December 15, 2016

Hospitality SaaS company, SynergySuite, which brings integrated cloud-based restaurant management solutions to restaurant chains in the UK, US, and Ireland, announced it has added Hawthorn Leisure as a client. Hawthorn Leisure has deployed SynergySuite’s technology across its fully managed pubs in the UK to streamline back office operations, unlock value and provide managers and executives with real-time access to workflow tools and business analytics gathered from all locations.

Hawthorn Leisure, a UK based pub company which operates over 350 leased and tenanted, semi-managed and fully managed pubs across England and Scotland, was formed in 2014. Hawthorn Leisure joins a growing client roster at SynergySuite, including: BrewDog, Bounce, Chawke Group and many more.

SynergySuite will provide Hawthorn with online tools that have breakthrough intelligence and algorithms, adding a more data driven approach to managing Hawthorn’s back office, from inventory management and controlling supply chain end-to-end, to sales analytics, cash management, HACCP reporting, human resource management, employee scheduling, and payroll integration. The online platform seamlessly integrates with Hawthorn’s point-of-sale systems and accounting platforms to consolidate data and provide executives and managers with instant access to sales and cost.

“Being able to instantly understand key business metrics such as sales, margins, labour costs, and tasks that have been completed within the sites is extremely important to us,” Operations Director of Hawthorn Leisure Andrew Parker said. “We’ve turned to a company that has the expertise and technology in this area to simplify and improve our back of house operations. We’re looking forward to watching SynergySuite’s technology benefits unfold across our locations.”

“Our growth in clients shows the expanding demand for our all-in-one back office system,” said Niall Keane, SynergySuite’s CEO. “Restaurant chains invest in back office technology to streamline processes and improve their organisation’s access to critical business data. However, many of our clients were using multiple software systems to manage different back office functions such as staffing, inventory, and supply chain management. This means data is siloed, limited, and analysis is usually received too late. With a single integrated system like ours, the entire back office is running in the cloud, no Excel, and no unnecessary paper. Data across all functions of the back of house are consolidated instantly to support a more profitable operation.”