LONDON, October 11, 2016

Did you get a fair shot the last time you attended a job interview? Chances are that you didn’t.

A poll conducted this month with a selection of HR professionals from our LinkedIn group HR Jobs and Ideas revealed that 74% of HR professionals believe that most hiring managers are not adequately prepared to comprehensively assess candidates’ technical and soft skills.

The Economist has called unsuccessful hiring “the single biggest problem in business today”.

HR Upgrades aims to improve this state of affairs with SolarHR, an online Business Simulation Game specifically designed to improve companies’ ability to get it right when hiring new people or developing talent from within their ranks.

While simulation games are a well-established, learn-by-doing, training methodology routinely used by all sorts of organizations, SolarHR is revolutionary in being able to model how individual technical competences and soft skills come together in teams to drive business performance.

“Academia has been developing business simulation algorithms for years, however our simulation engine is particularly adept at capturing the monetary value of human capital”, says Professor Gianpaolo Iazzolino, one of the lead Management Engineers behind SolarHR.

Showing how directly the human element impacts cash-flows is critical for convincing organizations to go beyond paying lip service about their people being a strategic asset.

According to 94.7% of the HR professionals who took part in the survey, organizations will need to go on liberating the full creative and productive potential of their people, if they are to remain competitive in today’s knowledge economy. “Employers need to re-evaluate their current training and development programmes to ensure in-house expertise is being effectively shared at every level of the business” concludes Alison Micklem, Head of Communication at HR Upgrades.

SolarHR scenario

Your company has decided to start a spin-off business unit for the production of solar panels. This isn’t a charity operation – the CEO tasks you with setting up a top team.

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