LONDON, August 15, 2016

On June 8, Kopenhagen Fur integrated the seemingly unrelated elements in the London Graduate Fashion Week. The creation was a pair of sneakers with fashionable fur combined with high-tech elements.

This creation is a project designed by Kopenhagen Fur, Lenovo and China Academy of Art. Combining the element of fur with intelligent sports equipment adds a sense of tech and fashion into the shoes and transcends the original rigid design for athletic shoes. This pair of sneakers is indeed the epitome of Kopenhagen Fur with a modern high-tech twist.

As the first pair of intelligent sneaks with fur, its most important element is the included technology. Apart from the basic function like counting the number of steps, it can interact when walking with intelligent light-effects and music.

It is also an ambitious pair of sneakers which offer a complete set of hardware, software and cloud based accessories. Users will be able to collect a series of data through an app, which connects them to the cloud as well as other apps so as to connect the hospital, research institutions and personal health databases.

The delicate stitching of the shoes and the fur combined with the color montage highlight this pair of sneakers. The element of fur avoids the massiveness and monotonousness which is common with fur products, while the decoration on the ankles is more exquisite. The perfect match between the element of fur and the athletic shoes draws customers’ attention — they are lively and cool! The combination of the best material with the best design shows in the quality of the sneakers. The technology in this pair of sneakers is also worth noting: that users have a variety of ways to interact with these intelligent sneakers. It is a perfect match of “beauty” and “function,” a new angle for future fashion trends.

This cooperation between Kopenhagen Fur with the tech industry, depicts a great picture for future fashion and technologically integrated products.

About Kopenhagen Fur

As a world-leading fabric supplier, Kopenhagen Fur boasts of 60% market share for global fur auctions. It is globally recognized as the promoter of fashionable life with fur. Kopenhagen Fur has a long history and its quality and skills are phenomenal in fur industry. It is the first choice and partner for top designers and fashion brands around the world with its excellent natural, three-dimensional fabric and cutting-edge three-dimensional product design technology. Although it is in the traditional industry, Kopenhagen Fur is pursuing more creations. In this era of tech connected products, Kopenhagen Fur seizes the opportunity for new expansion in the fashion circle.