Kovai Announces Availability of ServiceBus360 Private Hosting

LONDON, May 16, 2018

Kovai Limited released their new product ServiceBus360 Private Hosting to the market earlier last month. ServiceBus360 Private Hosting is aimed at organizations whose IT policies restrict the use of SaaS products. For example, the US healthcare industry is bound by strict data security protection rules. Large enterprise customers in the US healthcare segment had challenges adopting to SaaS model of ServiceBus360. Hence, ServiceBus360 team is introducing the new Private Hosting model with options to manage and monitor Azure services like Service Bus, Logic Apps and Functions logically grouped under ServiceBus360 Composite Applications.

Given the span of the integration scenario across boundaries covering various distributed Azure Services, organizations face challenges when it comes to getting end-to-end visibility of their integration scenario. ServiceBus360 helps businesses to overcome this challenge. Businesses can simply associate their complex integration scenario to the Composite Applications hosted and executed in your Infrastructure without any concern about data and configuration security.

“ServiceBus360 is aimed to solve problems every Azure Integration expert customer faces,” Saravana Kumar, (founder, CEO) said. “The capabilities of ServiceBus360 were heavily influenced by real-world challenges that the Azure Integration experts face today with operations and monitoring capabilities of distributed Azure Services with strict data protection policies. ServiceBus360 is the result of our belief, we can provide a world-class tool to address all these challenges.”

About Kovai Limited

Kovai Limited is a software development (ISV) company founded in 2011 with headquarters in London and development offices at Coimbatore and Gurgaon, India. Our enterprise products BizTalk360, ServiceBus360 and Atomic Scope are used by more than 550+ organizations across the globe using Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure technologies such as Service Bus, Logic Apps etc., to operate, manage and monitor their business environments and hybrid integration solutions with ease. Our main aim is to help organizations focus on solving their core business problems while we take care of building the right toolset for them to manage and monitor their business environments.