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Business profile: Kromanti Distillery & Blending House is the heart and soul behind the renowned Kromanti Rum. Our journey began with a profound connection to our history, drawing inspiration from Julien Fedon and Kromanti Kojo, revolutionaries who symbolized resilience and the importance of natural ingredients for sustenance and healing. The essence of Kromanti Rum is deeply intertwined with the customs and practices of these spirited ancestors.

Founded by the father-and-daughter duo, Cashain and Danielle David, Kromanti Rum represents a revolution in the rum industry. Cashain, a mental health professional turned rum ambassador, felt a disconnect with the mainstream rum narratives. He envisioned a rum that truly represented his identity and the silenced communities behind the spirit. This vision was the genesis of Kromanti Rum, a blend not just of flavors but of stories and heritage.

Danielle, bringing her extensive experience in the shipping industry, joined her father in this mission. Together, they are dedicated to sharing an authentic connection to their roots, celebrating and sharing the bounty of Kromanti Rum. Their passion for shared heritage is the driving force behind their innovative approach.

Kromanti Rum is not just another mixer in the market; it’s a melding of spiritual truths and evocative flavors. Each bottle is a celebration between us and our ancestors, an ode to the spirit within us. Our rum speaks to the senses, encapsulating the real luxury of authenticity and heritage. It’s an invitation to experience the rum ‘for the people dem’, a toast to those who came before and the stories that bind us.

Join us at Kromanti Distillery & Blending House for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Our rum is more than a drink; it’s a journey through history, a connection to our roots, and a celebration of the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean.

Kromanti Distillery & Blending House

Address: 7 Bell Yard, Holborn, London WC2A 2JR

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