Category: Food delivery
Business profile: Kudos Delivered provide the best catering services in London to offices, corporate events and private parties. Special events catering and daily food deliveries: in breakfasts, working lunches, canapé receptions, buffet food and fine dining.

At Kudos Delivered we have lots of things that make us different and mean we are always offering our clients the best possible service.

– Our small team are a truly inspiring group to work with as they are dedicated to doing everything they can for our clients
– We treat each client individually, there is no ‘here’s the menu, just pick’. We know everyone is different and so our packs and products are tailored to each of our clients
– We meet up weekly to discuss our menus and presentation and so are constantly evolving, both to be on par with current trends, and design menus that will work in the most challenging of spaces in terms of logistics
– Kudos Delivered has been around for over 40 years

Our talented kitchen team are very passionate about the food we produce. We try new items, comment weekly about the taste and look of the dishes, canvas as much feedback as possible from our clients, and use this all to make Kudos Delivered food the best it can be.
Address: 13 Bishopsgate, City of London, London EC2N 3BA
Phone number: 020 7334 3938