Category: Laundry washing, dry cleaning

Business profile: Laundry service and dry cleaning in London with free pick-up and delivery within 24 hours. We come to your address, pickup your clothes and bring them to our inhouse facility. Less than 24 hours later we bring clean clothes ready for action back to you.

Our services:

– Dry Cleaning
– Shirt Laundry
– Duvet Cleaning
– Silk, Suede & Leather Cleaning
– Alterations and Repairs
– Linen & Towel Service
– Laundry Wash Dry & Fold
– Commercial Laundry – Spa, Gym, Beauty
– Linen Rental – Airbnb

Laundry Depot

Address: Johns Avenue, Hendon, London NW4 4DP

Phone number: 020 7112 8733
Price Range: £