L’Équipe and Fashion Days Deploy Anatwine to Grow eCommerce Activity

LONDON, June 8, 2016

Renowned French national sports newspaper and media company L’Équipe Group and extensive online fashion retailer Fashion Days are the latest international industry names to join the global online fashion network of Anatwine.

The pioneering new ecommerce activity of L’Equipe, L’Équipe Store, is utilising Anatwine to connect with its sports brand partners in making their top product lines available in real-time to the group’s consumer audience of 12 million-plus unique monthly visitors. The offering works in conjunction with promotional activity around specific sporting events and is currently partnering with brands most relevant to the upcoming 2016 UEFA European Championship and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Emmanuel Alix, Head of Digital, L’Équipe, explains: “L’Équipe is the most well-established, long-standing sports media in France, with a market share of more than 50 per cent and traffic of more than 1.6 billion page views per month. Both our consumer audience and brand partners have come to expect a certain standard, and so it was important for us to find the right technology partner for L’Équipe Store who can match our knowledge of sport with the same understanding of retail.

“We trialled many ways of enriching the experience of our readers, but the addition of a targeted ecommerce offering was most logical and, with Anatwine, most simple. Now, when running a story on a specific football match, for example, we can offer readers the opportunity to purchase the shirt of the main players that are mentioned in the article. In addition we don’t have to concern ourselves with any of the logistics or storage of stock, we simply partner with brands through Anatwine and upload their preferred catalogue selection to the website.”

Similarly, Anatwine has been incorporated into the strategy of Fashion Days to expand brand portfolio and increase reach of its selected brand partners across new European markets. Anatwine and Fashion Days have been working together to create a roadmap of integrations that will start in June 2016 with a well known UK fashion brand and expand over the next few months to include others. The retailer has already predicted revenue growth of up to five per cent during the second half of 2016 and up to ten per cent growth once all brands have been fully integrated.

Cristina Pirjol, Chief Buying Officer, Fashion Days, comments: “A wide product range and an extensive portfolio of brands has always been key to our success. However, in today’s environment, it’s no longer enough to simply offer volume. Our customers always want to buy new and exciting products and we needed a partner that could help us make the right products available to our customers without huge budget commitments and lengthy processes. This is exactly what Anatwine offers us and we are very excited to offer our customers the perfect stock mix as well as a huge variety of different brands.”

The Anatwine integration process starts with the business analysis of both brand and retailer. Anatwine documents the service level agreements of the retailer then works with the brand to ensure they are matched and maintained, starting with product information and media and moving on to the sales cycle. This enables the brand to fulfil orders while matching the retailer’s documentation and delivery SLAs. The process completes with aligned customer services and returns functions, which empower the brand and retailer to act as one, producing a seamless experience for the customer.

About Anatwine

Anatwine is a technology and services company that integrates leading fashion and apparel brands with online fashion retailers globally, representing the future of online fashion retail.

The Anatwine global fashion network connects brands’ and retailers’ business systems through a single integration, enabling collaboration and innovation to create the optimal online stock mix; drive increased sales and sell through; deliver enhanced brand exposure and consistent customer experience.

Anatwine was founded in 2013 by online fashion retail pioneer, Chris Griffin as the concept for a better way for retailers and brands to collaboratively increase customer loyalty, revenue and profits. Clients include top international retailers and brands including Zalando, The Iconic, House of Fraser, Adidas, Next and Supergroup.

Since its establishment, Anatwine has grown exponentially; with year-on-year revenue growth of over 400%. The company employs over 120 people in the UK, with offices in London and Cheltenham. Amongst its board members Anatwine counts Chairman Robert Willett, former CEO Best Buy International and global managing partner, Accenture Retail Practice; Sir Terry Leahy, former CEO Tesco; David Schneider, CEO Zalando; and top retail analysts Bill Currie and Iain McDonald.