LONDON, May 23, 2018

Higher Ed Partners, UK (HEP UK) a leading provider of online programme management services for higher education, and a member of a global family of online programme management providers in North America, Latin America and Africa, today announced the appointment of Lord Eatwell to the post of Executive Chairman of the Board for HEP UK.

“I am excited Lord Eatwell has agreed to lead our board as executive chairman. His vast experience in higher education, public policy and economic affairs will provide unmatched expertise and insights to help us further our mission to serve UK university partners as they expand access to high-quality, affordable education through technology-aided learning,” said Randy Best, founder and chairman of Higher Ed Partners.

Lord Eatwell has served for the past 21 years as President of Queens’ College, Cambridge. He was Director of the Center for Financial Analysis and Policy at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School. A 25 year Labour member of the House of Lords, he has served as Principal Opposition Spokesman for Treasure and Economic Affairs. He is also the founder of the Institute for Public Policy Research, a leading UK think tank. Educated at Cambridge and Harvard University Lord Eatwell has been a teaching fellow at Harvard, a visiting professor at Columbia University, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the University of Amsterdam, and is today a visiting professor of economics at the University of Southern California.

“I am delighted to join the HEP UK board. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity HEP has to help universities in the UK expand access to the growing market of adult learners. We will also be aligning our programmes with labour force requirements and hence serving society now and into the future,” said Lord Eatwell.

HEP UK is providing its partner universities a comprehensive suite of online solutions, including: supporting their capacity-building in the conversion of face-to-face programmes to an engaging online format, recruiting qualified students for these online programmes and providing ongoing student support through graduation.

HEP UK currently partners with the University of York and, in June, will be launching their three online MSc programmes, in Innovation, Finance and International Business.

About Higher Ed Partners, UK

HEP UK and its sister companies: HEP South Africa, HEP Morocco, HEP Canada, Academic Partnerships and Ilumno Holdings, together form the leading online service providers for higher education globally. HEP UK assists universities in converting their on-campus degree programmes into an online format, recruits qualified students for those programmes, and supports enrolled students through to graduation. HEP UK is guided by the principle that the opportunities presented through technology-aided learning make higher education more accessible and affordable. The group has spent nearly 20 years developing innovative learning solutions to improve education.