LONDON and TEL AVIV, Israel, July 27, 2016

Matomy Launches mtmy – The First Mobile Performance Advertising Agency to Leverage Cross-Channel Optimization at Every Stage

The global media company Matomy Media Group Ltd. (LSE: MTMY; TASE: MTMY.TA) announced today the launch of mtmy – a mobile advertising agency offering a fully-managed service. Charged with Matomy’s own Data Management Platform (DMP), mtmy couples powerful targeting of global media with cross-channel optimization to maximize returns on advertising budgets.

mtmy generates data on app-specific user behavior and applies these insights across multiple channels, therefore optimizing audience-targeting between channels. This unique approach identifies high lifetime-value and ‘lookalike’ users with behavioral patterns that are similar to existing customer base. This cross-channel integration of marketing activities also maximizes return on investment for real-time bidding (“RTB”) buys and streamlines the process of working with multiple media partners.

“mtmy is the first mobile performance agency that provides partners with a hands-on and smarter approach to advertising,” said COO of Matomy, Sagi Niri. “At Matomy, we aim to build sustainable and successful partnerships for our advertisers. We offer the widest reach of engaged users using our proprietary platforms and technology. Advertisers are assured when working with us that the most powerful behavioral targeting is fueling each and every campaign.”

For every stage of the product lifecycle, mtmy is able to provide tailored media plans powered by Matomy’s sophisticated technology. A true advertising partner, mtmy is built to meet client goals from branding to market penetration, and user acquisition to retention.

“We are incredibly proud of the launch of mtmy as we’ve created the newest standard of service, one that advertisers will come to expect from our industry,” said Mor Meroz, VP of Clients at Matomy. “mtmy is a holistic agency where advertisers enjoy a high level of strategic planning, creative cross-media optimization, and the true power of Matomy’s existing technology to not only meet current needs, but also plan and prepare to execute for future needs.”

Matomy recently announced a strategic investment plan to enhance and streamline its operations, technology and product development with an emphasis on its strategic capabilities of Mobile, Video and Programmatic trading. The launch ofmtmy represents Matomy’s commitment to investing in cutting edge technology and follows the Company’s office expansion into China, Korea, and the U.S. West Coast earlier this year. With nearly ten years of experience in performance and programmatic advertising across channels and through the acquisition of companies such as MobFox and Optimatic, the media group is perfectly positioned to deliver industry-leading products and solutions to advertisers, publishers, and developers in a mobile-first world.

About Matomy

Matomy Media Group Ltd. is a world-leading media company delivering smart technology solutions and a personalized approach to advertising. By providing customized performance and programmatic solutions supported by internal media capabilities, big data analytics, and optimization technology, Matomy empowers advertising and media partners to meet their evolving growth-driven goals. Matomy offers a single gateway to digital media channels including mobile, video, display, social, email marketing, search marketing (SEM, SEO, and ASO), and domain monetization. Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Tel Aviv and nine offices around the world, Matomy is dual listed on the London and Tel Aviv Stock Exchanges.