LONDON, June 7, 2016

Generation Success, continuing its trail-blazing initiatives to help thousands of people “break barriers” to professional and entrepreneurial success, hosted their latest GS Round Table on Tuesday, 24th of May. Featuring guest speakers who have each founded, grown and built multi-million-pound businesses, the Round Table offered attendees the unique opportunity to gain insight into what it takes to establish a successful career in the business world.

Eight out of 10 entrepreneurs see their businesses fail within the first 18 months. The three panellists at the GS Round Table were selected for their triumphs despite these odds, being among the 2% who manage to overcome obstacles and setbacks and establish successful, enduring businesses.

Steve Howy, one of GS’s panellists and Director & Co-Founder at Umi Digital, said, “Over the last 2 years the UK has seen 581,173 start-up businesses, yet it has had the highest number of business failures. It is hard to take an idea, get it funded and build a million-pound business. This event provided an opportunity for our next crop of budding entrepreneurs to learn from our guest speakers’ mistakes and also allowed them to become inspired, so that they realise it can be possible.”

The round table took place at the Royal Bank of Scotland, London and featured a panel, of high-profile speakers including:

• Neil Sikka – Relationship Director of Bupa Dental Services Ltd
• Steve Lowy – Director and Co-Founder of Umi Digital and Managing Director of Academic Services at Anglo Educational Services
• Sab Jhooti – Co-founder at Drift innovation

Each spoke about their unique entrepreneurial journey and life lessons and partook in an open floor Q & A session. There was also an opportunity for direct conversation and peer-to-peer discussion, which allowed individuals to network with like-minded individuals geared up for success and make new contacts.

“Starting a business is easier, quicker and cheaper than ever thanks to new technology,” said Neil Sikka, “while ‘celebrity entrepreneurs’ such as Alan Sugar and Richard Branson are seen as role models and have inspired people of all ages and backgrounds to run their own business. Traditional jobs for life have largely disappeared, as have occupational pensions. It was great to see the panel breaking down peoples romantic view point of entrepreneurialism and being honest about the realities of being your own boss and attitudes required. We would not change what we do and we hope we inspired the audience to follow their dreams but with their eyes open as to what it truly takes to succeed.”

Nick Howe, Regional Enterprise Manager for NatWest, added, “Today’s event allowed attendees to network and learn from their peers – the atmosphere was great and you could really see that the young individuals in attendance were eager to listen to our guest speakers and left the event inspired and motivated.”

At Generation Success, we want to ensure that young people from every background have the chance to shine and, as a not-for-profit organisation, we have access to the support that they need to develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to start and own a successful business.

“The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (The GEDI Institute) rank the UK as an entrepreneurial country 1st in Europe and 4th in the world,” said Sab Jhooti. “In order to continue and improve this trend we need more initiatives like tonight, enabling companies and business leaders to invest back into the community and play their part in developing the next generation of future leaders.”