Category: Drainage service

Business profile: We are the drainage company you can count on – no call fee, fixed pricing, rapid response, local engineers. We have great tools and a few very special pieces of equipment that help us clear most blockages very quickly. If it can’t be unblocked we can often work out a temporary solution while the original problem is being rectified. Ensuring its business as usual with minimum fuss and disruption.

Our crews have the equipment and the knowledge of how to use it safely to get the best results. We also have some awesome gadgets that go into some interesting places. Our CCTV surveys are the only way to truly know what your drainage is actually like. We’re able to show you remotely if there’s any problem and whether it needs to be fixed quickly or its just something that needs to be kept an eye on.

MJS Drainage Services

Address: 219 Horn Lane, Acton, London W3 9ED

Phone number: 020 7125 0062
Price Range: ££