MyFampal Launches First Emotional Fitness Tracker for Families

LONDON and STOCKTON, New Jersey, September 14, 2016

MyFampal today announced the launch of a new emotional fitness tracking service, called MyFampal Parent™ which helps parents take control of their family’s wellbeing. The web-based app helps parents monitor how well their family functions and then lets them compare their results in relation to other families.

MyFampal Parent™ enables concerned parents to easily and regularly track the behavior of their children, helping them pre-empt and prevent behavioral issues. It allows them to record events, such as arguments or prolonged periods of silence, which may seem unusual at the time and track them. It then provides parents with insights and draws their attention to concerning behavior or moods.

Parents and carers track their family’s emotional health using a range of simple to complete but scientifically robust questionnaires. Once each questionnaire has been completed, MyFampal Parent™ displays the results in an accessible format, presents advice and suggests potential actions for parents to consider.

MyFampal Parent™ also allows users to monitor their children’s moods and emotions over time to identify triggers. And in the future it will help parents connect to local, accredited professionals should they need a greater level of help and support.

John Kerrigan, co-CEO of MyFampal, said: “As our children move from childhood into adolescence they are developing both physically and emotionally, as well as making decisions that may impact them for the rest of their lives. MyFampal Parent™ helps families with this growth and gives parents additional support to identify and prevent behavioral issues.”

“MyFampal Parent™ meets a pressing need: parents expect immediate access to proven and relevant information and wider support than is currently available today. Our focus is on pre-empting and preventing behavioral and mental health issues and stopping them from spiraling out of control.”

MyFampal Parent™ costs $9.99 per quarter (3-month period). It is a web based-service: Users simply log in, answer questionnaires or have access to further research and information. Each user’s information is strictly private, encrypted and secure.

About MyFampal

MyFampal is dedicated to connecting families with proven resources and experts to pre-empt and prevent developmental problems from becoming life altering and permanently debilitating. MyFampal is rooted in rigorous scientific evidence and analysis. The founders of MyFampal are two successful entrepreneurs and fathers who each have spent 20 years innovating and investing in healthcare research. They are backed by an Advisory Committee made up of eminent psychiatrists, psychologists and family health experts.